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vistaThere are really a lot of shortcuts and commands in Windows Vista that help you simplify your Windows-life. Anyway the commands I am going to talk about today involve the use of the “Run…” box and may help you solve a lot of issues as well as display and monitor a lot of functions and information in your Vista and XP. The first step to take in order to take advantage of them is to open the “Run…” box which, for some of you may not be that easy. Here is a little trick how to activate it (in Vista). (Alternatively you can always press the Windows Key and R).

List of Commands

  1. %AlluserProfile% – Opens all user’s profiles
  2. %HomeDrive%- Opens your home drive such as C:
  3. %Temp% – Opens the temporary file folder
  4. %SystemRoot% – Opens Windows folder
  5. Hdwwiz.cpl – Add hardware Wizard
  6. Appwiz.cpl – Add/remove programs
  7. Calc – Opens calculator
  8. Charmap – Open the character map
  9. Chkdsk – Opens Check Disk Utility
  10. Clipbrd – Opens Clipboard viewer
  11. Cmd – Opens Command Prompt
  12. Comptmgmt.msc – Opens Computer Management
  13. Timedate.cpl -Opens Time and date propierties
  14. Devmgmt.msc – Opens Device Manager
  15. Diskpart – Opens Disk Partition Manager
  16. Control Desktop – Opens Propierties
  17. Verifier – Opens Driver Verifier Utility
  18. Eventvwr.msc – Opens Event Viewer
  19. Freecell  – Opens Freecell game
  20. Gpedit.msc – Opens Group Policy Editor
  21. Ipconfig/all – Opens IP config (it is accessible also from CMD)
  22. Logoff – Log you off from WIndows
  23. Notepad – Opens Notepad
  24. Regedit – Opens Regedit utility
  25. Mstsc – Opens Remote Desktop
  26. Control schedtasks – Opens Scheduled Tasks
  27. Wscui.cpl – Opens Security Center
  28. Services.msc – Open Services
  29. Shutdown – Shut down Windows
  30. Msconfig – Opens System Configuration Utility
  31. Taskmgr – Opens task Manager
  32. Utilman – Opens Utility Manager
  33. Explorer – Opens Windows Explorer
  34. Firewall.cpl – Opens Firewall
  35. Winver – Shows Windows version
  36. Write – Opens Wordpad

Note: For some reasons not all of these commands work on a specific computer. Some computer may not recognize some of the above commands.

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One Comment to “Windows Vista/XP commands”

  1. Geek_Squad Says:

    Great list. That’s what I was looking for! Thanks.

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