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I have to tell you the truth. Till a couple of years ago I used to search for magazines and newspapers from Bittorrent search engines which provided me with everything I needed not always in a legal way. As a matter of fact, the stuff I got was the result of illegal uploading or leaked material and this used to make me very uncomfortable. That’s why I stopped this activity. Since then things have changed dramatically and in fact Google, which is always looking for new slices of market to conquer, has opened its famous service named Google Book Search which offers  books and recently even magazines for free!

It is amazing the stuff you can find in Google Book Search. New York Magazine, Popular Science, Ebony, Popular Mechanics, Jet, Cruise travel, Baseball Digest and other interesting magazines are at everybody’s reach! You can also read an astounding quantity of books and the range is really huge to say the least. In fact, you can choose  literature, fiction, poetry, mathematics, economics, biology and other interesting topics! I would like to remember that everything is offered for free, in full color and without any limitation meaning that once you have spotted your magazine, you can read it completely and as long as you wish! For each magazine you also have the option to browse all of its issues and see how they have changes through the years. In fact you can read issues as old as ten years ago!  Indeed this is really a great free service and a wonderful opportunity for everybody who loves reading quality articles and books.

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2 Comments to “Google Book Search”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Gary for you kind words! Of course, this is true for you too! 😉

  2. Gary Says:

    I get the same feeling you had at that time when I use bit torrent or one of the other torrent search engines. Yes it is bordering right from wrong when actually there is no such thing as a border in this case. You knew it wasn’t right so you did the right thing by changing your method and that just goes to show what kind of person you are inside and how your choice of actions turned out to be a reward plus you can sleep better at night:)

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