Google Chrome out of beta!

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chromeWithout trumpets and fanfares, earlier today Google Chrome got out of its beta version to become a real, stable browsing software counting on more than 100 million active users around the world. The news was releases by Googleblog, which also gave some information about the improvements and fixes which led to the release of such stable release. Here is some information about Google Chrome version

  • Better stability and performance. A special note has to be said about videos which, during the beta release, used to give a lot of issues, above all flash videos.
  • Faster than ever! Google Chrome thanks to V8 JavaScript engine is able to run quite fast than its previous beta versions.
  • Bookmark manager. Let’s speak frankly, Bookmark manager was crap! that’s why the G-guys have improved import and export features and also added new simple way to manage large numbers of bookmarks.
  • Better security.  An improved Sandbox lets you add a further defense against harmful software.

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