How to access most used commands easily in Microsoft Office 2007

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office-2007Working with Microsoft Office 2007 can be, for someone, a daily routine above all if you work in a office. As a matter of fact, this indispensable software lets you create a lot of documents. From letters to tables, from graphs to presentations and so on. With the amount of documents that are created in Office 2007 is only normal, at a certain point, to wish to get some “easiness” in order to access those commands you use a lot in a more efficient way. Let’s see how we can do that in a couple of steps.

Office 2007 contains a nice toolbar (Quick Access Toolbar) which can be customized to fit your needs. Above all you can add to this toolbar those commands you use on a daily base.

  1. To add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar, just click on one of the many available menus such as: Home, Insert, Page Layout etc.
  2. On the Ribbon, all the main commands are grouped into categories. For example the Menu tab contains the following commands font size, font color, text highlight color, bold, underline etcs. They are all grouped under the Font category.
  3. Once you spot the category or the command located under a category, just right-click on it and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
  4. This operation will add the category or the command in the Quick Access Toolbar. This toolbar can be also easily moved above or below Ribbon. To do that, just right-click on it and select Show Below the Ribbon or Show above the Ribbon.

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