How to add a Vista glass interface to Windows XP Explorer

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There are already some millions of people using Windows Vista. On the other side there are millions of people who are still using Windows XP. That’s a truth that Microsoft doesn’t want you to know. If you are one of those happy users who really don’t want to switch to the not-so-new anymore Vista, but nonetheless love its nice candy and shimmering Aero Theme, then you have just got the chance to satisfy your desire for glassy windows and buttons.

As a matter of fact, this simple freeware utility called ViSplore lets you put some spicy to your  XP Windows Explorer by adding a glassy reflexion skin to it. Additionally, it also provides XP Explorer with breadcrumbs (a feature just available in Vista). Reading from ViSplore “Traditionaly a path is separated with forward slashes. When a user wants to navigate to a sub folder inside path …breakup paths into logical click-able and easy to access folder objects. So you simply click the folder you wish to move up to. Also each folder object is a hybrid drop down menu that populates sub folders of the parent folder object.”

If you want to know more or if you want to download this free utility, click here.

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