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There are a lot of ways to save, transfer and backup your Internet bookmarks nowadays. Here is an example for your Google Chrome, here is another example for your Firefox and Internet Explorer, and here is one example on how to save and export your passwords stored in your Firefox. Thanks to all these little applications you are sure that whatever happens to your beloved browser, your data will be stored in a safe place ready to be re-used in a couple of steps. But how to manage all the websites you bookmark on a daily basis? One thing is for sure. The old-styled bookmark folder available in your Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera seems to be quite inadequate to your needs to save whatever you stumble on while surfing  the Internet.

Now, thanks to Tidy Favorites, managing your hundreds of bookmarks will be a children’ s game! In fact, this freeware little application provides your browser with a couple of extra-buttons whose goal is to add and view you bookmarks in a new, innovative and “next-generation” way. Next time you open your  favorites you will be able to see and manage your bookmarks as thumbnails. Here are Tidy Favorites’ best features:

  • Find and manage your bookmarks effectively thanks to thumbnails previews.
  • Manage your bookmarks in one single click.
  • Add temporary links to a “stack”. Keep your Tidy Favorites…tidy.
  • Use the same way you manage your bookmark even though you use different browsers (In fact this software is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera).
  • Also available as Portable application.
  • Available in many languages!

If you want to know more or if you want to download it, visit the official website.

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One Comment to “How to manage your bookmarks efficently”

  1. John Says:

    As an alternative bookmark manager i use Advanced URL Catalog. Using this software is easy and it integrates with all browsers.

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