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I know, may be I am too old to own a nice Nintendo DS (and you can bet your bank account that I will also get the Nintendo DSi) but you know the old saying, right? “Playing makes you young”. Because of this you shouldn’t be surprised at all when, while speaking about Nintendo stuff, I get all excited and my eyes shine at  night like the ones of a wolf! A couple of years ago I bought Nintendo DS because of its growing homebrew community which flourished thanks to little cards like the famous R4. Cards like these let you play homebrew games and nice applications like DS Organize, DS Reader, DS Notes and  many others with the assurance that you won’t spend a dime to get them. But what about the upcoming Nintendo DSi (which, just in case you don’t know is already available in Japan…grrr!).

The good news is that future DSi owners will be able to get a nice card called Acekard 2i which, like the ones for DS, is able to run homwbrew games and applications, save files and run backups. To know more, watch the video below.

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