How to protect and disguise your computer games

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Playing on your  computer is a great thing. There are dozens of games to install and have fun with. But what happen when you share your computer with other people such as: your children, your friends…your boss? Wouldn’t be nice to prevent people from playing your computer games? Wouldn’t be nice to prevent your children or friends from messing up your game configurations and personal records? Wouldn’t be nice to prevent your boss from discovering those nice games you installed on his computer and spare yourself from being fired?

This simple, really simple utility called Game Protector does something quite terrific. It prevents people from playing your games by giving a password to every executable (.exe) of your choice (it can be considered a kind of parental control). Since it protects executables, this freeware application can also be used to password protect any program of your choice. Just select your application, give it a password and next time anybody will try to play your game or open that application he will face a nice dialog box prompting for a password. Another big feature of Game Protect is its ability to disguise any program you like by changing its icon…for example, you can let “World of Warcraft” seem as an “Excel” document, so your boss or parents can’t find the game that you are playing.

If you want to download this utility, visit the official website.

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