How to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome in one browser

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I have already spoken about other browsers in the past. In fact there are plenty of efficient and nice alternative to your preferred browser. You can use Firefox Minefield,  you can indulge yourself among the best unconventional alternative to Google Chrome, you can use the excellent Avant browser, or even use Google Chrome in your Linux and Mac. Anyway what I am about to write today is going to take the way you use your browser to the next level. Have you ever thought to use the best browsers available in the Internet in one browser?

Yes, you got it right! In fact, thanks to Lunascape, today you can use the best browsers’ features belonging to  Internet Explorer,  Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome in just one browser. In this way you won’t need to switch among different browsers in order “to overcome incompatibility and inefficiency of web sites or browsers that are not well optimized to web standards.” But what’s behind Lunascape? How does it work? This incredible browser uses the three main browser rendering engines used by the best engines arond,  namely: Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), WebKit (Safari and Chrome).  But let’s see what Lunascape’s best features are:

  • 3x Faster Startup. Do you think Chrome is fast at startup? Well, try Lunascape and think better!
  • Support for all the popular IE toolbars / add-ons.
  • Anti-crash technology based on the fastest JavaScript Execution code.
  • Surfing a website but you would like to switch the rendering engine because you can’t see the website in its best way? No problem! With Lunascape you can do that without restarting it!
  • Lots of skin to change the look of the browser.
  • The best features coming from the best browsers in just one place!
  • Fully compatible with Windows Xp, Vista and Windows Server 2003.

If you want to know more click here. if you want to download it, visit the official download section.

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