How to know if a Web page or your blog is infected

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Nowadays, surfing the Web is not that safe anymore. The chances to get a virus or open an unsecured page are quite high. If children are around a PC or visiting websites the whole matter change completely arising the danger to an higher level. There are some ways to protect yourself and people you love. In fact you can block bad sites by using Internet Explorer, you can use Yahoo and its SearchScan which flags bad wesbites or, just in case you think to have been pestered by some virus, you  can even use nice freeware online tools which detect if your PC has got a nasty virus. Alternatively, you can read this antivirus guide that helps you avoid  getting viruses by using some common sense. If instead you want to check if a website has been flagged by Google as website containing malware, the whole story change again. Let’s see how you can tell if a website or even your own website is secure or not for you and your children.

There are a lot of online utilities which help you detect if a website contains malware or not. These  tools are also useful  in case you suspect your blog has been silently spammed, injected or modified by spammers to spread their venom. Here is a quick list:

  1. Scandoo. This Search Engine flags other website with a red flag in case they are infected by pestware, malware or viruses. You can also use it to check if your blog is clean or not by customising its search. Here is a quick example of customised saerch. Just remove my blog name and put yours.
  2. If you suspect that your blog or another website contains malware you can make a query to Google itself and find out what Google think about it! How? Simple, click this customized query and replace my blog with yours or the one you want to check.
  3. Stopbadware is a website in tight relationship with Google. How?  It helps Google flags those websites containing malware. If your site is clean and it has been mistakenly reported as spam site by Google or if you have just finished cleaning your website and you wish Google to reconsider it, Stopbadware is the website you need. Just read its Request for Review Information page, make a new request for reconsideration and make Google change its mind about your blog. Alternatively you can use Google Webmaster Tool. In the dashboard page, on the right click on Request Reconsideration.

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