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officeMicrosoft Office 2007? Cool and full of features! Nothing to say about it. But why the heck did the Micro-guys at Redmond  have to change the default format from .doc to .docx is really an unsolved mystery to everybody who use this excellent software. Ok, there are plenty of online utilities which convert the .docx format to .doc like there are useful piece of software which converts your .docx files for free. But why can’t I have my .doc file right from Office 2007 (since I paid a lot of bucks for it?). Let’s see how we can achieve this with a simple free trick.

  1. Click the Office button (top part of your screen, on the left).
  2. On the Office menu, click on Word Options located down on the right of the menu itself.
  3. On the left pane click Save.
  4. Under Save Documents, click Save Files in this Format and from the drop-down menu select Word97-2003 Document (*.doc).
  5. Click OK.
  6. You are done!

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One Comment to “How to save files as .Doc in Office 2007”

  1. malou Says:

    the trick that you sent didnt work for me. i tried it a lot of times. maybe it doesnt work on 07. any other suggestions?

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