How to create a chat on the fly

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If you like chatting a lot there are plenty of software out there to play with. But this big variety of chat clients is also the major issue why people, a lot of times, have to install two, three or sometimes four software if they want to chat with all their friends. Have you ever happened to wish to chat with a friend of yours just to find out that he uses Google Talk when instead you use Yahoo! Messenger? That’s quite common indeed! Let’s see how we can pair different friends using different chat clients.

Chat Maker is a simple website which, in a couple of minutes and without any need to sign-up, lets you create a complete and functional chat room from scratch.  Once you have created your chat it is just sufficent to send a link to your friends to invite them in your private space without anybody else to share your chat.
If you want to know more, visit the official website.

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