Search Google without using your mouse (but just your keyboard)

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There are two things  we have to use while searching the Internet: the keyboard and the mouse. These two tools let us perform all those operations and movements to write and execute our choices on the Computer’s screen. A special note is for the mouse whose importance is widely recognised by now. As a matter of fact, without it we could not click  a link and open new pages. Anyway the combination of keyboard and mouse is not optimal while searching Google for example, and in some cases is quite time-consuming. Let’s see how to use Google…without the mouse.

Keyboardr is simple, clean and minimalist website whose task is to lighten you from the use of the mouse while searching Google. As a matter of fact it is sufficient to press Enter (click!) and use the key-arrows on your keyboard to perform and select your choices while surfing Google. But Keyboadr is more than this. In fact it is a meta-search offering you the results from Google, Wikipedia and YouTube to ensure that you will be able to find whatever you are searching.

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