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I already wrote about something similar to this article namely how to search Google without using your mouse or keyboard. Anyway I am going to take the whole thing to the very next level. As a matter of fact here I am talking how to surf the whole Internet without any mouse. Let’s see how we can accomplish this simple though difficult task.

Mouseless Browsing is a little add-on for Firefox whose goal is to make you forget your mouse and let you surf the Internet by using the keyboard. But how does it manage to do that? Simple, what Mouseless Browsing does is to index all  hyperlink links and text boxes and assign them a number or id. Once it has finished this first task it will be ready to show you websites in a new different way. In fact, this add-on will show, next to every link, a little number. To click and open the link the number correspond to, you will have just to press the numeric key and press Enter (or press CTRL+ numeric key and press Enter). Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Support for numeric as well as character ids.
  • Show ids before entire page is loaded.
  • Smart positining of ids: Ids for image links, textfields, selectboxes are placed in the right upper corner to minimize the impact on the page layout.
  • Possiblity to configure URL specific behaviour (black/whitelist).

If you want to download it, visit this page.

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One Comment to “How to browse the Internet without mouse”

  1. Govindarajan Says:

    In Firefox, Just press ‘(single quotes) and just enter the link word.

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