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hidetextTo tell you the truth, till a couple of minutes ago I didn’t feel like writing this article at all. Aren’t you tired, like I am, of  all  the articles  reviewing conversion tolls I have written so far? As a matter of fact, I have written about how to convert video, documents, web widgets, PDF, PNG and my little masterwork on how to convert images to ASCII (for what insane reason do you need to convert images to ASCII?). So why should I write this new article about how to convert stuff to something else? Simple, because this article can teach you how to protect your privacy and prevent thieves from using what you write in the Internet.

Hidetext.net is a bare-bone website which does something unique. It converts text to image. If you are asking yourself why the heck you need to convert what you write to text listen to this. Whatever you write in the Internet, above all in forums,  blogs etc. can be seen and easily fetched by people. As a matter of fact, Google crawl the whole web and index everything. Yes, even that thread on that forum where, by mistake, you wrote your telephone number! One thing Googles doesn’t manage to do is read what is written in pictures. Do you  see now how Hidetext.net can help you? Basically, by converting your writing to an image you hide your personal infos from search engine and thus from people surfing the web!  Furthermore, if you are a blogger and you are concerned about people copying and pasting your content, by changing your text into images you will prevent them from stealing your work!

By the way, in some ways this service looks like another one I spoke of which let you create image of your E-mail.

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