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Having a lot of software on your computer is very nice. As soon as you need for a certain application you click  the proper icon on your desktop, the program starts and you can work right away. I myself have around 15 applications at least, and I have to tell you that I am quite happy and content. I have programs to surf, to modify my pictures, to convert music files, to chat, to talk, I have an antivirus and  an antispyware, a couple of burners, Google Earth and Picasa and the list goes on. Everything I need is right in my computer and I don’t have to look for anything else in the Internet. But what happen when I have to update this software? Simple, I have to open each program, click on the update link and wait. In the worst case I also have to go to the proper website and see if there is some new update or patch. This is not nice at all above all if I  have got other things to do!

Luckily for me and you too there is a nice application named Installpad whose task is to take this big annoyance off our shoulders and…automate it! As a matter of fact InstallPad is a freeware utility whose task is to retrieve all your installed software and check (upon request or automatically)  if any new update is available. If it finds that a program of yours has got a new version, it will update and install it for you.  It can also install the software in an automated silent way which doesn’t requite any manual operation on your side. Installpad require Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0 to work and it is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. If you want to know more and download it, visit the official website.

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2 Comments to “How to update programs installed on your computer automatically”

  1. munyaradzi zuze Says:

    can you uypdate neccessary programs for my pc

  2. akshat Says:

    thanx dude
    its great

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