How to watch YouTube videos in Firefox sidebar

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firefoxBeing before your computer is becoming a multitasking work more and more. You have to read, write, watch, listen, create, type etc. Most of the time you have to do two or more of these tasks simultaneously. This can generate a lot of stress, above all if you have to switch among different windows and programs at the same time. But, wouldn’t be nice, for example, watch a nice YouTube video while writing an e-mail without switching frantically between two windows? This trick will let you set YouTube videos to fill-in the Browser Window Only.

  1. Convert the YouTube video address to full screen mode address.
  2. Example. Regular address: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQRLSBUNupg Full Screen mode address: www.youtube.com/v/aQRLSBUNupg As you see I have changed the “?” and the “=” before and after the “v” to slashes “/” removing at the same time the word “watch”. It is nothing fancy so far, isn’t it? By the way, this little trick is also useful to watch YouTube videos in full screen mode within your Firefox window. (don’t forget that the regular YouTube full screen mode allows you to watch videos on the entire desktop screen).
  3. Now, copy and paste the link you have just created to the Firefox address bar, click Reload and bookmark it. Go to the bookmark section, spot the bookmark, right-click on it, tick Load in Sidebar and Save Changes.
  4. Now click it to watch  YouTube within the browser window only!

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