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firefoxIf you are one of those guys who like downloading everything you find in the Internet you know pretty well that, after downloading a file in Mozilla Firefox, you have to manually close the Download Manager window. This is OK if you download a few files per month. But if you download  dozens of files per day this procedure can be quite annoying and time consuming. Let’s find out how we can save time by automating the aforementioned sequence.

  1. Type about:config in the Address bar and press Enter.
  2. A message followed by a button saying “I’ll be carefull. I promise!” should appear. Click on it.
  3. Now find this value browser.download.manager.closeWhenDone
  4. Double click it and assign the value False.
  5. From now on when files have been finished downloading the Download Manager window will close automatically.

If you love a fast, responsive Firefox, keep into consideration to read the article I wrote about how to make your Firefox run at light-speed. Also, if you liked the article above, here is another article on how to hack the Download Manager.  Here instead an interesting and funny article on how to have a happier Firefox.

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One Comment to “How to close the Download Manager automatically in Firefox”

  1. JdeP Says:

    “4. Double click it and assign the value False.”

    this should read:

    “4. Double click it and assign the value true.”

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