Official Windows 7 beta free download available at Microsoft’s servers!

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windows 7 official downloadSo, again this is the news of the moment which is concussing the Internet and above all Microsoft’s servers. As a matter of fact, as promised by Steve Ballmer at CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft has made available for public, free download the official version of  Windows 7 beta 1 . Let’s see together where we can download it! Here are the official links provided by Microsoft:

DVD ISO for Windows 7 Beta 32-bit (English):

DVD ISO for Windows 7 Beta 64-bit (English):

As you see the build is marked version 7000 which is the same leaked in the Internet I wrote about yesterday.

Despite, apparently this method doesn’t work for some people here is the procedure to get a valid Windows 7 activation key from Microsoft:

  1. Sign-in at TechNet Downloads (top right of the page) and let the page load.
  2. Without leaving the page where you are, copy-and-paste this address in the address bar of your browser: https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/scripts/gcs.aspx?Product=tn-win7-64-ww&LCID=1033
  3. As a result you should get a valid key. Something like this:


I would like to remember that Microsoft has made available 2,5 million downloads around the world.  The key will expire in July-August 2009.

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