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A Web Talk’s reader, Teri Greene speaks about a nice portable e-mail client called JBMail. Let’s read what she has got to say to us.

“I just want to make a suggestion for the next article you write on security and viruses. Something that will work for many people is to not use a standard email client.  Use an email reader instead.  I use JBMail. There are others but it’s the fastest I’ve tried among spam filters, etc.  It converts the message to plain text, so there’s no way for an embedded virus to get in your computer…”.

“You still have to be careful of what attachments to download.  But the emails themselves are 100% malware-free for you to read, because they’re rendered in plain text. For people who often have pictures, charts embedded etc., this won’t be a full-time solution.  I use Thunderbird when I get an email with embedded photos, but JBMail for everything else. It’s much faster than a standard email client.  It’s a tiny program so it launches near instantly.  Rather than taking the time to download your emails, it leaves them on the server.  It reads the header and displays it – from, to, date, subject, etc.  Double-click an email and it reads it from the server and displays it on your screen, without downloading it onto your hard drive.  So it all happens faster than fast.  If you want to download an attachment or the email itself, you can; it just doesn’t do it automatically.  Much faster way to live”.

Teri Greene

JBMail is a fast, secure, portable e-mail client and has been especially designed as an “on-line mailbox access” meaning that it will give you full access to your Inmail box, without actually downloading any e-mail on your computer. This will assure you full control over the e-mails you get, letting you decide what to keep from what to discard. Here are some of its most important features:

  • Virus protection. You will be completely protected against viruses and pestware thanks to a file block list and executable file SanityCheck.
  • Junk mail filtering. Stay away from spam thanks to custom white and black lists,  heuristic custom filters, and a  header pattern matching.
  • Security and privacy. JBMail uses a special advanced technology to “patch” those “classic” issues which are commonly find in other e-mail clients.

JBMail has got a free version but with limited options, and a paid version where all its options are unlocked. If you want to know more, click here. If you want to download it right away, visit this page.

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One Comment to “JBMail: A nice portable e-mail client advised by a Web Talk’s reader”

  1. Benny Goodler Says:

    Thanks for your help, this is really informative stuff! Can’t wait to read some more.

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