How to see blocked websites

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Surfing the Internet is an everyday task for a lot of people, no matter if you do it for work or for leisure. Most of people, including you, manage to surf hundreds of web-pages per week. Have you ever happened  to open a website just to find out that you can’t because it has been blocked and locked by your country or the country the website is hosted in? But, how do they manage to block you from opening a website? Simple, the authority just blocks a whole IP range which includes all the Internet protocols for a whole country, or it just blocks the IP corresponding to the website itself. Let’s see how we can trick this inhibition.

UltraSurf is a small portable utility which manages to “deceive” censorship and blockage on the Internet by routing your request for a website to three servers, masking in this way your original IP address. Other features include:

  • protect your Internet privicy by deleting your electronic fingerprints such as cookies, browsing history, your IP etc.
  • It encrypts the content you are viewing giving you the max security.

If you want to know more of if you just want to download it, click here.

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