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A few weeks ago I spoke about an interesting Google service namely Google Books Search which lets you read a lot of books and magazines for free and without registration nor any limitation. It is also possible to download those books which, because of their venerable age, are considered of public-domain. But what if you want to download other books which are not “that old” and, because of this, are copyrighted. Here is a freeware application which may be very useful to you. Be aware that downloading copyrighted book is not legal!

Google Book Downloader is a small free utility which , as its name suggests, is able to download books and magazines in PDF format from Google Book Search to your computer. Google Book Downloader lets you only download those PDF files which are marked as “full view”. Other books which don’t have this mark will be downloaded only partially. In fact, for certain books and magazines which are considered new, Google has made public only a few of their pages.

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3 Comments to “How to download books and magazines from Google Book Search”

  1. Serena Mcdonald Says:

    I would prefer Google Book Downloader. This means one can have a lesser risk in your computer.

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Hello and thanks for asking such an interesting question.
    The code the application is referring to is just the code Google gives to each book. It is very easy to retrieve such a code. In fact if, for example, you want to download a book whose address is books.google.com/books?id= IKoOAAAAQAAJ&pg= PA65&dq=megalopolis&as_brr =3&hl=it&rview=1 the code in this case will be IKoOAAAAQAAJ. As you see it ends right before the character “&”

    Bear in mind that not all books can be downloaded!

  3. miucon Says:

    what is book code? Is it ISBN code of the book?

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