Wii and Playstation at war!

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If you thought that the old, good console war was over, well, you better think again! As a matter of fact, recently the two companies showed off their reports crammed with stratospheric figures worth the best sci-fi movies. Ready? Fight! 

Nintento Wii

According to NPD Group statistics Nintendo managed to sold 10.17 million Wii  in the USA in 2008,  while in 2007 he “just” sold  9.95 million consoles. This figure (9.95 million) is the same one of the total Nintendo DS sold in 2008 compared to the 8.52 million sold in 2007.

Sony Playstation

Recently, Sony managed to sell the  50 millionth PlayStation 2 in the USA. Here are other figures still provided by the  NPD:

  • In November 2008, just in the States were sold around 206,000 PS2s.
  • Still in November 2008, around 172,000PS3s were sold.

So, for you, which won the war so far?

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