CircuitCity to be liquidated

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circuitcityGosh! And now where do I go to get my daily dose of techno- gadgets? Ok, there is Best Buy and Radio Shack (which I personally don’t like that much), but there is nothing else left. No CumpUsa and no Dell Kiosks… OK, back on track. A few months ago I wrote about CircuitCity and the fact that it was going to close a lot of stores (as many as 150 according to The Wall Street Journal) to avoid bankruptcy. Well, after the unsuccessful attempt to sell the company by January 16th, CircuitCity filed for bankrupcy under chapter 11! This means that it  will be liquidated soon.  Around 30.000 employees will be without a job while some thousands of happy buyers will queue before each of the 567 CircuitCity stores in the USA ready to get their bargain. Are you happy or ready to move to the next job?

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