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Working with Vista and XP is an everyday routine for most people. That’s why you might want to apply  interesting enhancings which could improve your productivity and get rid of those long procedures which sometimes complicate you life while managing files and applications. Here is an interesting article which shows you some rather unknown shortcuts in Vista, here instead you can find interesting shell commands which let you gain access to folders and functions in Vista. I am pretty sure that you access Vista (and XP) utilities by browsing its menus. One of the best known menu is the right-click context menu which shows you a lot of information regarding files, folders and different applications. Wouldn’t you like to improve this simple menu by adding a lot, really a lot of interesting functions which could relieve you from your daily work? (just a little bit, I am not doing any miracle here).

QwikTulz is a rather light and simple free software whose goal is to enhance your right-click context menu with a lot of interesting utilities. Let’s see what options and functions are available after installing the application.

  • Prompt here, Windows Explorer here, New folder here, Open in Notepad.
  • Save directory in ISO image file. This option lets you save the directory you are browsing to an ISO image file and burn it with your favored burning software.
  • Copy patch to clipboard. This option lets you save the path of a file, folder etc. in your clipboard.
  • Convert directory to a new drive. It lets you create a virtual drive in your hard disk containing the whole content of a directory.
  • Convert file. You can convert any “bat” file to a “com” file, a “com” file to an “exe” file, or an “exe” file to a “com” file.
  • Etc. (!)

Additionally QwikTulz contains two interesting utilities which can be used as standalone. Let’s see what they are:

  • QuickHash. This utility lets you create a file report for a selected directory by creating a 32 character “hash” code for each file which acts as a signature for the file itself.
  • QuickISO. It create ISO files on the fly containing a whole directories. After that you can burn such a file with your favorite software.

QwikTulz is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP and uses Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to work. If you want to download it, visit the official website.

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2 Comments to “Enhance the right-click context menu in Windows Vista and XP”

  1. Grezz Says:

    To get more custom options in XP context menu just use “Fast Explorer 2008″ context menu tool (freeware): http://thesoftpro.tripod.com/downloads/fe/ (works in XP, Vista, and Windows 7 as well).

  2. Rachel Says:

    Test comment – please ignore.

    Rachel´s last blog post..Tweetbacks and TweetStats become reality!

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