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youtubeYouTube has recently added a really huge format (850×500) for those videos which have got the option to be displayed in HD format.  But how we can specifically look for them in YouTube without browsing each videos? Here is a couple of simple tricks.

Well, the first one is not a real trick but it is a kind of unknown feature. In fact, it is sufficient to go to this YouTube page, to get all the HD videos you want. If you want to be more selective because for example you are looking for HD trailers of the movie Madagascer 2, just go to Google and submit this query(second trick):

Madagascar 2 site:youtube.com “watch in normal quality watch in HD”


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One Comment to “How to search HD videos in YouTube”

  1. Sumesh Says:

    The Google search tip does not seem to work anymore. Could you post any update?

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