How to surf the Web behind a Firewall

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Working in a office is a hard task. No doubt. I know how hard having to do with papers and documents all day long  is. That’s why regular employees need, every now and then, some kind of pastimes. What’s most relaxing than surfing the Web a little bit, right in front of your desk, and read some news or surf your favorite blog? Sadly  your  boss seems to think in an entirely different way. That’s why his black and ruthless heart advised him to set up a firewall to block the whole Internet from being surfed, to just allow you to send and receive e-mails. Let’s learn how we can surf the Internet just by using your e-mails… for your boss’ joy!

Webinmail is a small unknown website which manages to do something out-of-ordinary! In fact, it lets you surf the web by using your e-mails. But how does it work? It is sufficent to send a specific command to browse@webinmail.com to get back, in a couple of seconds, the page, the blog, the news you required. The commands available to write in the subject line of your e-mail are: google:query (substitute query with the your keyword), rediff:query or just add the address of the website you want to reach. Don’ you believe me?  Try it out for yourself!

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