Download Windows 7 Wordpad and Notepad with ribbon features

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Windows 7 is the upcoming Microsoft operating system. There are a lot of ways to get it. You may want to read this article about how to download Windows 7 for free. Windows 7 promises  a lot of new features and improvements even though some people argue that this new OS is nothing else than  Windows Vista with a lot of make-up. Whatever it is, one of the biggest improvements in Windows 7 will be its new Ribbon features which will mark a big jump as far as the way we use Windows embedded utilities are concerned. If you are unfamiliar with the term Ribbon and  think that it has to do with Christmas, I advice you to read this Wikipedia article. Let’s see how we can have a Wordpad and a Notepad on our computer in a Windows 7 fashion.

OK, I can’t resist about speaking of Ribbon since I am pretty sure you didn’t read the Wikiepdia article, isn’t it? Ribbon is a new user Interface which exposes all of the functions belonging to a program on its top window. That said if you want to get a Wordpad with such a feature, here is the link to download Wordpad 2009 (and further versions). Here instead you can find the link to download Notepad 2009 implemented with Ribbon as well. It has to be said that these two utilities are the work of a guy called “Solo-Dev” aka “Villain” and are compatible with Windows Vista and XP. If you want to know more about him and want to see other nice applications, visit the official website. Down here you can see two screenshots of these utilities.

UPDATE: “Hi, this is Solo-dev, (Ron Murphy), and I removed both Notepad 2008 and Wordpad 2009 for download due to some issues, so you may want to update your article to let users know that they are currently not available for download. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

UPDATE 2: If you still want to download the software, click here. I have found an uploading.com link which still has the application.



If you are interested in getting some of the Windows 7 features in your computer here is a couple of article which you may  be interested in:

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