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Lately, Asus is really spoiling us. As a matter of fact, after its ultraportable Eee 1002 HA which just came out last month, the Taiwan company has decided to amaze  everybody, with another little jewel namely its brand new Eee 1000HE which promises to beat all  the ultraportable records thanks to its incredible features which turn this little machine into one of the fastest cheap computer available in the world.

In fact, as stated by Asus itself, the Eee 1000HE is the first computer to feature an Intel Atom N280 processor. This means that this ultraportable is really fast, powerful and with a extraordinary battery life. But let’s see what beats under its case:

  • Intel Atom N280 processor (1.66GHz CPU)
  • Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) technology which gives you a battery able to provide you around 9.5 hoursof autonomy.
  • 10-inch LED-backlit display
  • HD-capable Intel GD40 chipset.
  • Bigger keyboard to let you write more confortably.
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth v2.0.
  • 170GB of Hybrid Storage.
  • 160GB of internal hard disk drive.

The new Asus 1000HE is available for pre-order in Fine Ebony Black and Blue at this page, or through the official ASUS Eee PC Group on Facebook. It will be available soon in North America for MSRP of $399.

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