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office2007As you one, if you want to uninstall Office 2007 you have just to go to Programs and Features located under the Control Panel and remove the whole suite in just one click. Anyway this procedure is not always so smooth. As a matter of fact, many times the system gives you errors due to data corruption or missing important keys in the registry. So, it is not uncommon, while trying to uninstall Office 2007, to get the following error message:
“Cannot fine setup.ini file. Setup cannot continue because a required file is either corrupted or not available. Run setup again from the original source disc or download location. Setup failed. Rolling back changes.”

A simple way to uninstall Office 2007 is to use a tool which will delete all registry entries in order to give you a clean registry set before Office 2007 installation. Please, note that this little utility is just meant for those users who need to reinstall Office 2007. In fact, this utility will delete a large quantity of registry keys which will cause your Windows to be instable if you don’t reinstall Office.

Here is the links to Microsoft Office 2007 Registry Complete Temove Tool:

First link to Office2K7DelReg.zip

Second link to Office2K7DelReg.zip

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  1. John C. Young Says:

    Mcaffee Antivirus detects the .EXE file as a virus…..

  2. Shaon Mukherjee Says:

    A technical web blog dealing with all Windows related , software , internet related issues. Updated daily…

    Shaon Mukherjee´s last blog post..List of Removal tools for 3rd party security applications

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