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As you know the new Windows 7 (beta version) is out and you can download it for free, directly from Microsoft. Microsoft has closed its download period some days ago (on 11th February 2009 ), but if you want to download it, here are the links. One of the biggest issue coming right after the release of a new operating system is the general lack of  drivers compatible with it. This issue won’t let you use the hardware and the peripherals in your computer, of course.  Microsoft has released a new page where you can see and download for free the latest hardware drivers for your brand new Windows 7. Over there you can find a list containing the latest drivers for your Xbox controllers, keyboards, mice & IntelliMouse Explorer, webcams, headsets etc. Here is the link to the Microsoft Page: Microsoft Hardware Support for Windows 7 Beta.

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One Comment to “Download Windows 7 drivers”

  1. philip Says:

    The best place to find windows 7 drivers is here — it’s searchable and is being added to all the time. Also check out their Vista drivers pages, since Microsoft says most of those will work for win7

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