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You know what? I have to learn to shut up my mouth as far as my statements are concerned. In fact, if you remember well, in more than an occasion I said that I don’t like cameras and that Web Talk is not intended for cameras at all. I haven’t even set up a proper tag for this topic so, what was I looking  for when I wrote about Polaroid PoGo and Tomy Xiao camera? I really don’t know. Honestly. Anyway, just for the joy of you guys, here is another camera which managed to captivate my full attention.

Panasonic has just unveiled its new camera called Lumix FX40. What makes this little jewel stands-out from its competitors is its outstanding tag technology. In fact, FX40 is able to save facial data of the people you take a picture to, and assign them  tags such as name and age.

The camera should be available around March for about  450 –  530 USD.

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