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Web Talk is not new to free stuff able to help you with foreign languages. In fact, I wrote about a nice free software for your phoneFirefox spellchecker, an easy way to learn foreign languages online, a cheap e-dictionary and well, much more! Today I want to speak of an easy web tool which is so smart that is able to translate to whatever language you want while you are typing.

Nice Translator is a very nice Web 2.0 webtool able to translate your own language to whatever foreign language you want. How does it work? Well, it is much harder to explain than actually understanding what to do. Select the language or languages you want your sentence to be translated to, and just start type! This web application is so fast that you won’t even need to wait for the translation to be ready. In fact, everything is done in real time so that while you type, you’ll  get the translation right away! I am really amazed at the way it works. This little thing is able to translate not only full sentences, but also “ways of saying” which sometimes are quite difficult to get in a regular dictionary.

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