LG-GD910 3G Touch Watch Phone

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If you are a regular Web Talk’s reader you should know by now that I have something for spy-watches. I mean that I like watches doing a lot of things. And the more stuff they have got the better, even though you need a needle to activate and set them all! If you missed my previous articles about spy watches, you can read them by clicking here. One thing I have noticed since I started talking about them is that  technology has gone ahead by big jumps providing watches smaller and smaller,  with a lot of features and without forgetting to take care of their style. LG has recently unveiled a nice watch called LG-GD910 3G . This watch, apart from giving the time (ehm…of course), lets you make phone calls and video phone calls thanks to its 3G Video Telephony (VT) service and GSM Quadband features. But let’s see better what it sports:

  1. 1.43-inch color full touchscreen.
  2. 7.2 Mbps 3G HSDPA.
  3. Mp3 player and voice recognition.
  4. Bluetooth antenna and Stereo Bluetooth and built-in speaker
  5. Text to Speech option. This feature lets the phone speak aloud a big variety of information.
  6. SMS and MMS capabilities.

LG-GD910 3G should  hit Europe this year but no word about its price has been said yet.

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