MSI goes from barebone to “Nordic Simple Style” with Wind NetTop D130

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wind-nettop-d130Do you remember all the good, cheap barebone computers? No fear!  They are still right there and they are doing  just fine. The only difference is that their name has been changed to… “Nordic Simple Style”.  So, you can well underdstand my amazement when, a few days ago, MSI announced its new, cheap generic pills for buy flomax online cheap Wind NetTop D130.

MSI Wind NetTop D130 is not new to the computer world. As a matter of fact, it is just another of the many micro pcs  available on the market. What MSI did was just to rename it to make more appealing to users. Here is MSI personal view of the new “Nordic Simple Sytle” : “With today’s modern lifestyle, people are paying attention to trendy home furnishing and texture. Apart from high-performance and multi-functional, people are also expecting the computer to be stylish and trendy as well. MSI Wind NetTop D130 comes with an excellent appearance design to meet the request of the modern aesthetic. The material used in the body is a deep matte black metal with the same metal material for the reflective button. The cold color lets Wind NetTop D130 exudes a full, simple Nordic style. Users can place it on the coffee table, desk or any corner at home. The design displays a reserved personality to show calmness and a sense of individuality.”

Let’s see its most important features:

  • Intel® Atom™ 330 dual-core processor.
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM.
  • HD-class home theater capable.
  • Super-Multi DVD burner.

NetTop D130 will cost around $240. If yuo want to know more, read the official press release.

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