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vistaOne of the most common issues while working or playing with a computer shared with other coworkers or family members, has to do, without any doubt , with your privacy. You may wish to read these articles on how to prevent users from accessing  your files and folders, recovering your deleted files and changing your display settings. Anyway, if you are concerned about people being able to see your personal files and folders more than anything else, here is a nice trick which, in a very sneaky way, is able to hide folders from view. They won’t even be available by using Windows Search!

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the Search box, type cmd and press Enter.
  3. Change the partition where you want to put your hidden folder. To do it, type D: and press Enter.
  4. Now type the following command, where myhiddenfolder is the name of your…hidden folder: D:/>attrib +h +s +r myhiddenfolder
  5. Done!
  6. If you want to revert the process, namely you want to show the folder type: D:/>attrib -h -s -r myhiddenfolder

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5 Comments to “How to hide folders in your computer without using any software”

  1. Nestor Pier Says:

    Thank You Work For Me On Windows 7 With The Partition “D:” Thankss Saved Me Moneyy!! 😀

  2. WebTalk Says:

    Hello! I confirm that this trick work. To make things easier, put the folder you want to hide in the main root of your hard disk (C:).

    After gain access to the CMD and type cd.. a couple of times till you are on the main root (C:). After that follow the instructions above. Basically you will have only to write:

    attrib +h +s +r myhiddenfolder

  3. Jerome Says:

    Hi Webtalk,

    Tried your method. but the reply after puting the file name says “Parameter format not correct”

  4. Web Talk Says:

    Hi there,
    Try this other mode:

    1: Go to RUN and type cmd.

    2: Go to the location of the file which you wanted to hide.

    3: Type attrib +h +s +r filename.ext, and hit enter

    4 (Important!): To make these files visible, follow step1 and step 2 then type
    attrib -h -s -r filename.ext

    for example: e:\> attrib +h +s +r adheep.doc [to hide]
    e:\> attrib -h -s -r adheep.doc [ to view]

  5. Unknown Says:

    hey i tried this….but it didnt work it says acces denied..and the folder i want to hide is on the desktop..

    i have done this before i had a folder on the desktop that i hid this way..and all the contents in it…but when i rebooted my computer i forgot how to do it again…i remember that you have to type something about the desktop before you type D:/>attrib +h +s +r myfoldername

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