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Apple has just released the new Safari 4 beta version for download. According to Apple, this new release (available for both Windows and Mac) will be able to run JavaScript commands 4.2 times faster than its previous  version, Safari 3. It will also be able to load  JavaScript and HTML page faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla’s FireFox 3.

Safari 4 beta version boasts around 140 features. Here is the link to read all of them. What follows  instead is a small list of the most important improvements and enhancements available in this new release:

  • Top Site. Safari keeps track of your favorite website showing up to 24 thumbnails on a single page, without lifting a finger.
  • Cover Flow. This feature shows you a well-organized list of your site history and bookmarked sites through a full-page previews of the websites.
  • Full History Search. That’s a complete tool able to display with thumbnails and a big variety of infos your History Search in a way that you will be able to spot right away that blog you visited some days ago, but you don’t remember what it looked like.
  • Tabs on Top. A very functional way to manage, open and move tabs displaying different blogs and websites, also thanks to its new drag-and-drop tab management tool.
  • Nitro Engine. Get the best from Internet thanks to Safari’s fast engine able to outraces Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome!
  • Windows native look and Feel. The new Safari blens with your Windows Vista and Xp just fine thanks to a native theme which looks like  other Windows applications. It also include a native title bar, borders, and toolbars

If you want to download Safari 4 beta version, just click this link.

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