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Transcend has recently unveiled its new portable USB storage called SSD18M. The particularity of this 1.8-inch stylish portable storage is that it combines the speed of the SSD technology  with the versatility of eSATA and USB connection interfaces. But let’s see together what its most important features are.

The new Transcend SSD18M sports:

  • The following flavours are available: 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB.
  • The SSD18M is made out of NAND flash memory which contains no movable parts. This eliminates  failures due to mechanical parts, vibrations and shocks.
  • USB2.0 interface options.
  • Measurments: 80mm x 50mm x 12.5mm. it weighs just  50g.

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5 Comments to “Transcend SSD18M”

  1. macobex Says:

    Hi Francesco,
    Sorry for not referring to your name in my previous reply. Btw, I understand your point. Its percentage of having a loose part inside it and other mechanical problems inside is very very low. So, I’ve change my mind, its expensive price is somewhat reasonable. I also think that in the future, Hard disk will be have the same technology too.

    Thanks for the good talk Francesco.

    macobex´s last blog post..Monitor Your Bandwidth with “BitMeter 2?.

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Hi Macobex,
    True, the price is high but you know what? I prefer to spend more bucks for a secure and stable storage device (above all with no mechanical parts) than having to buy an expensive software to recover all my pictures from my damaged external hard driver! (it happened to me two years ago)

  3. macobex Says:

    @Web Talk

    As what I’ve expected the price is high. But I’ve never thought that its so expensive. I mean, very very expensive. Hope the rumors are not correct, and hoping that that technology will reach my country (Philippines)

    Anyway. thank you for the reply

    macobex´s last blog post..Maximize your Time with these 5 Easy Tips

  4. Web Talk Says:

    Well, despite the price is not official yet, according to many rumors, here are the different cuts with their prices:
    $285, $169, and $99 for the 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB models respectively

  5. macobex Says:

    Wow. The fascinating thing about this storage device is its size and storage ration. It’s incredibly small, but still it can contain up to 128GB of data. Maybe the question here would be it’s price in the market..

    So, does Transcend announced it’s price already?

    macobex´s last blog post..Maximize your Time with these 5 Easy Tips

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