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chromeGoogle has recently released a new update for its famous browser, Google Chrome. This new release takes Chrome to version even though there are some instances where the same version is labeled  This update is fully compatible with Windows XP SP2 and later and with Windows Vista. Here is a list of its most important enhancements.

  • Fiexed a lof of issues related with making Chrome the default browser in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed auto-detection of encoding issue.
  • Fixed memory leak and browser crash issue.
  • Fixed a lot of bug which caused random crashes.
  • Now available in 8 Indic languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Oriya(only work in Windows Vista).
  • Fix the rendering issues with the FaceBook sidebar.
  • Fix to prevent unresponsive plugin processes from locking the browser user interface.
  • Fix blank Google Finance charts.
  • Many other bugs have been fixed. Here is the complete list.

Here are the link to download Google Chrome and Google Chrome

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