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windows 7After the release of Internet Explorer 8 RC1 a lot of people using Windows 7 have started experiencing a lot of issues such as system crashes, Internet Explorer crashes,  memory leaks, issues with extensions etc. Microsoft, fully aware of this problems, also thanks to a lot of negative feedbacks, has promptly released a hotfix meant to solve these iussues.

The hotfix KB962921 is meant to solve the following issues:

  • When Internet Explorer 8 is installed with Adobe Flash Player 10, Internet Explorer may become unresponsive.
  • You experience a Print dialog box that is unusable when you try to print an Adobe PDF document.
  • After a crash, Internet Explorer 8 becomes unresponsive, and you must restart the computer to resolve the problem.
  • Internet Explorer 8 may crash when you visit some Web sites.
  • Internet Explorer 8 may crash when you resize the browser window.
  • Internet Explorer 8 does not seem to remember information that was stored in cookies on the computer.
  • Popular third-party extensions cause crashes in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Previously blocked third-party extensions are no longer blocked after you upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

Here are the links to download the hotfix:

Update for Windows 7 Client Beta: Download Hotfix 962921

Update for Windows 7Itanium based Systems: Download Hotfix 962921

Update for Windows 7 Client Beta for x64-based Systems: Download Hotfix 962921

Update for Windows 7 Server Beta for x64-based Systems: Download Hotfix 962921

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