Pimp your Google and Gmail with free GreaseMonkey scripts

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gmailAccording to the Oxford dictionary a script is “a program or sequence of instructions that is carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor”. Put in this way it doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, try to think of a script in this way: A script is an instruction which is able to improve and customize the way you use certain applications to expand and enhance their features or the way you use them. Now it is better, isn’t it? Let’s see together how you can improve the way you use Google and your Gmail with little freeware scripts able to give you another perspective of these two famous web utilities.

  1. Gmail addon: Adds interesting features to your Gmail such as: Calendar, Reader, Notebook and chat.
  2. Auto PageRize: It simply loads the next page  inserting it into the current page.
  3. Google 100: Force Google to show 100 results per page (This value can be customized).
  4. Google Tag Cloud Maker: This script helps you find relative keywords of your query. Particularly useful when you don’t know the word you search.
  5. Google Thumbnail: Adds web site thumbnail images to google search results.
  6. One Click Conversations for Gmail: Adds recent conversations in one click.
  7. Gmail Beautifier: Hides/Shows ads in Gmail, widens email body, removes beta from Gmail logo and gives buttons a different look.
  8. Gmail Contact Book:  Adds a contact book next to the To, CC, BCC.
  9. Gmail in Blue: Adds a nice blue sky to your Gmail, also removing ads, logo and footer.
  10. FB Gmail: Adds FaceBook notifications to your Gmail.

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