How to turn Windows Vista to Windows 7

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windows-vista-to-windows-7Are you too afraid to try out the new Windows 7 beta version? Do you want to be safe but, at the same time, you are craving to taste the upcoming Microsoft’s operating system?  Fear no more, because now thanks to a nice, new, fresh theme, you will be able to get Windows 7, directly on your Windows Vista with the certainty to be safe and screw nothing!

As a matter of fact, after the release of the Seven Remix XP able to turn Windows Xp to Vista, the guys at DeviantArt have unveiled another package, this time able to turn your already-old Windows Vista to a shiny Windows 7! The package is called Seven Remix Pack 1.0 and will replace automatically all  files and images in your operating system’s folders in order to serve you a brand new Windows 7 with the certainty that nothing in your compute will go wrong.

Here is the link to turn your Windows Vista to Windows 7.

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