How to convert .FLV files to .MOV files

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It looks like the saga to convert video files to something else has got to a point where it can be really considered…endless. As a matter of fact, Web Talk is not new to this kind of stuff. Here are some articles on how to convert flash video, YouTube videos and much, really much more, ad-nauseam. Anyway, just to prove you that I am a coherent person, and since I am famous for my stubbornness, here is another article on how to convert another video file, well-known in the Internet. The .FLV video format.

FLV to MOV is a freeware utility which “helps you to convert Flash FLV video to MOV video format on the fly”. This is quite useful if you own a MAC or if you want to watch a video with Apple QuickTime. The way it works is rather simple. All you have to do is click “Add  FLV file”  button, select the flash file (.FLV), click the “Convert to MOV” button and voila’. At this point the application “will ask the folder  used to save the output (.mov) files, after you choice the output,the program will start the process to convert all (.flv) files to QuickTime video (.mov) files one by one”.

If you want to know more, visit the official website. If you want to download it right away, click here.

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