How to get nice reminders with Remindr

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If you have been reading  Web Talk for some time, you should know how its blogger (me) is quite inattentive. In fact I tend to forget almost everything. Passwords, birthdays (even my own birthday!), events, holidays, celebrations, my wedding date, and in some cases the name of some of my best friends (no kidding).  Some friend of mine says that I am like this cause I am a mad genius. I am more prone to call myself miserable! That’s why I surround myself with a lot of tech stuff reminding me of the most useless things. Recently, I came across  an interesting website which can help me remember everything in a couple of steps. Useless to say, it was love at first sight!

Remindr is a bare-bone site which is able to remind you about everything. The way it works is really simple. All you have to do is fill out  its blank fields with the thing you want to be reminded of, the date, the time (your local time) and decide  through what means you want to be “contacted” by the reminder. As a matter of fact, you can decided to be contacted by a proper notification thanks to: your e-mail account, Twitter, Jabber or even your cellphone. I love this little web application. Quite friendly, easy to use and without tricky steps hard…to remember.

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