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Samsung has unveiled its next-generation phones, S5600 and S5230, which will let you have a pretty good idea of the upcoming future thanks to their innovative and “highly-geeky” features. As a matter of fact, this new generation of phones is getting closer and closer to what I call Portable Media Stations, able to do a variety of amazing things thanks to an omnipresent Internet connection which will link you to the rest of the world and cyber-world. Do you remember the new Samsung  i900 Onmia and Instinct I reviewed a few months ago? Well, with the new S-series they belong already to the past!

The phones belonging to the S-series shares a bunch of common features such as TouchWiz UI with Mobile Widgets (see video below), accelerometer sensor and “Gesture Lock” feature, which enables the users to unlock the phone and execute the menu directly as they draw a letter of the alphabet on the screen. Here is a list of their most important features:

Samsung S5600

  • 2.8-inch QVGA full-touch screen
  • Full Internet browsing support (7.2 Mbps).
  • 3 mega-pixel camera.
  • Music recognition using Shazam’s “Find Music” service.
  • Multi-codec support including H.263, MPEG4, and WMV.
  • 80MB and Micro SD slot up to 8GB.
  • The new S5600 will be available in European countries from May.

Samsung S5230

  • 3.0-inch WQVGA full-touch screen.
  • “Photo Contact,” thanks to which users will be able tocall a contact by simply touching an appointed image.
  • 3 mega-pixel camera (with video recording, supporting QVGA@15fps).
  • Music recognition using Shazam’s “Find Music” service.
  • 50MB memory capacity with an external memory slot up to 8GB.
  • Supports for QWERTY soft keyboard.
  • The new Samsung S5230 will be available in Europe countries from April.

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