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A few months ago I posted an article explaining you how to jailbreak your nice iPhone 3G to  have it completely unlocked and ready for whatever SIM you want to use.  The “technique”, so to speak, involved a software called Cydia and developed by a guy whose name is Jay Freeman. Well, if you have a jailbroken iPhone you should know by now that you can not use it to display the excellent iTunes Apple Store. Fear no more! As a matter of fact, The Cydia store was launched a couple of days ago for developers to sell their apps for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch devices!

Cydia application installer already includes a lot of applications for your iPhone such as Cycoder that turns the iPhone into a camcorder, and PdaNet, which turns the iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you want to know more about Cydia Store which, at the time I am writing, is already open for business, visit this page.

Don’t have a jailbroken iPhone,but you want to get the apps at the Apple store for free? Read this article!

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2 Comments to “Cydia online store available for jailbroken iPhones”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hello Sebastien,
    First of all I didn’t copy it at all. As you can see if you compare the two articles there isn’t anything in common. They speaks about the same things. True, I got this news from your website, but I gave credit to your blog by linking this article to yours. Besides, you managed to reach this blog by using the pingback my link produced in your blog. As you can see I didn’t pretend anything 🙂

  2. Sebastien Says:

    Strangely looks like my article. Oh wait, that IS my article that you copied entirely pretending it was yours. Fail!

    Sebastien´s last blog post..Kinematix

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