How to remove drivers and services from your computer

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Working with a lot of computer peripherals is really a hard job, above all if you need to install tons of software and drivers to make them work. If later, by any chance, you don’t need a piece of hardware anymore (such a printer or scanner for example) the work, if properly performed,  may become even trickier and more than  you expected. As a matter of fact most of the times, uninstalling the software for an unused hardware is not sufficient to take the computer back to its previous state where the peripheral was not installed.

In fact, you have to know that even if you uninstall the related software for a certain piece of hardware, all of its drivers and services will continue to stay in the computer, sometimes bringing a lot of issues such as poor performance and instability. This is due to the fact that they will continue to be loaded upon startup, without speaking about the fact that having a lot of redundant drivers can make your system less stable and more prone to crash. TSDC – Total Service and Driver Control is a free application meant to overcome these issues. Its easy interface lets you pick those unused drivers and services  and uninstall them in one click. TSDC doesn’t require any installation and can run just by clicking on its executable. Particularly useful is its button “Details” which lets you understand if the driver you would like to uninstall is used by your operating system or if it belongs to a removed hardware. TSDC is compatible with  Windows 2000, XP or Vista. It might also work in Windows 7 (not tested yet).  If you want to know more, or you just wish to download it, here is the link to the official website.

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