New iPhone 3.0 software update

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Apple has recently unveiled its next operating system for iPhone and iPod. Here is what you need to know and expect from this brand new software.

  • More than 100 new features available. The most important one, screamed by iPhone users is the cut-and-paste text  feature. basically, when you double tap on the screen, you will get a “cut, copy, and paste” bubble dialog.
  • Copy-and-paste image. Select multiple photos thanks to the action button and paste them to an e-mail.
  • New spotlight. Search whatever info and file you want across your iPhone.
  • Search in mail, calendar, iPod. Despite this function doesn’t support the message content yet, it supports searching in IMAP servers-that will save a lot of time logging into Gmail.
  • 3G Tethering. Connect your iPhone 3G to a laptop,and use it as  a modem to surf the Web.
  • Landscape keyboard. Landscape keyboard mode has been added to other applications, like Mail, SMS, and Notes.
  • Multimedia Messaging. Send whatever you want to your friends’ phone including pictures, music, videos etc.
  • Support for new calendar  types. Subscribe to calendars on the Web.
  • Shake to shuffle music. Shake your Apple device to shuffle your music!
  • Wi-Fi auto login.
  • Anti-phishing. get warned by Safari if you visit a malicious website.
  • Voice memo application.
  • Peer-to-peer Wi-fi connectivity. This feature allows to iPhones to connect directly-peer-to-peer-via Wi-Fi…without the need of any Wi-fi network.
  • Use your iPhone and iPod to remotely control other devices.  A new API will let you use your iPhone to control  your accessories.
  • Push notification. With this application you be able to receive messages from the inter-web  so you can have an Instant Message application and have your iPhone vibrate or make a sound when a new message comes in.
  • Rumbling. Play with your games and get rumbles!
  • Audio recording.

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