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That’s not the first time I write about how to save, store and manage your browser’s bookmarks. In fact, among Web Talk pages you can find interesting articles on how to manage your bookmarks efficiently, how to save your profile in Google  Chrome and how to export your bookmark from Firefox to Internet Explorer.  However what I am about to write now is gonna take the whole thing to the very next level.

As a matter of fact, now, thanks to a nice add-on called Foxmark available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari you can syncs and backs up your bookmarks. The way it works is really simple. Just download and install the add-on and, that’s it! At this point Foxmark will automatically sync any change you make in your browser, ensuring that your bookmarks and passwords  will stay the same in both locations. Other features include:

  • View and restore your bookmarks in one click.
  • If you are aways from your computer you can still manage your bookmarks by going to Foxmarks website. Your changes will  be  automatically saved to your other computer.
  • Share your bookmarks with your friends.

If you want to know more or if you want to download Foxmark right away, visit the official website.

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