How to watermark and protect your online pictures

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If you own a blog you know pretty well how easy is for other bloggers and webmasters  use your pictures for their blogs, websites and personal  aims . It is sufficient to right-click any picture on your site to download it on the computer. If you don’t own such pictures or if they are not copyrighted that’s OK and no damages is done, but what happen if you are an artist publishing your copyrighted pictures online to let the world know about your work? There you have got a big issue! Let’s see how to solve it thanks to a free, nice online application.

Watermark.ws is a nice website which, thanks to an easy to understand procedure, lets you watermark your photos and pictures, thus preventing people from stealing them for unauthorized purposes. The way it works is rather simple. In fact, all you have to do is upload a picture, select the watermark (text or image) and click the Download Finished Photo button. If instead you are pestered by people hot-linking your pictures to their blogs in order to steal bandwidth from you, here is a nice article explain in plain English how to protect your blog from this threat.

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